Gone are the days of Ladies getting together for “cookies and tee” or to exchange cake recipes…

We offer Undercover Parties for the modern women.  So if you looking for an exciting afternoon/evening with your lady friends filled with blushing and shy giggles, then book us.

·         We bring along a variety of sexy and affordable lingerie that can be bought at the party.

·         We offer corset fittings at the party – so that you and your friends can order the correct size Corset and look, feel and be sexy and confident.

·         The latest in ‘bedroom secret’ toys are brought along – to ensure you keep the fire burning in the bedroom.

Terms and Conditions:

·         Only for the Johannesburg area

·         All lady parties only

·         Cost – R600 (min of 10 ladies) – includes a FREE gift for the hostess

·         No min spend required

·         Only cash will be accepted for purchases on the day

·         “Bedroom secret” items will be delivered to the host within 3- 5 days after the party

·         Any corsets ordered will be delivered within 10 days after party

·         Bookings essential

·         A table is required for the consultant to do the display

To Book, please complete the form below and will confirm your booking within 24hrs after payment is received.

I would like to book a "Bedroom secrets" Party

Reason for Party

Average age of ladies

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